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Easier to use. Faster to Install. Better for business. Spirolite™ is the leading technology in large diameter thermoplastic pipes that offers flexible, leak-free, lightweight, weather and corrosion-resistant pipes.


The all-new Spirolite EF pipe welds easily together to form a stronger, more reliable seal that will not break or leak like other pipe joining systems available today.


Plasson group

Established in 1964, Plasson Group is an international company comprised of wholly owned subsidiaries in Israel, USA, Mexico, South America, China, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Brazil, India, and Australia. Publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1997, Plasson Group focuses 1,800 highly skilled employees with the goal of providing the highest quality fluid conveyance system products worldwide. Plasson Group markets over 12,000 different products into various business segments primarily serving municipal water distribution, gas collection and distribution, industrial fluid transfer networks, wastewater systems, and mining applications in over 80 countries worldwide. Plasson Group is the leader in Innovation, Technology and Quality in the markets it serves.

Plasson USA

Plasson USA is Plasson Group’s USA subsidiary. Plasson USA was established in 1993 as Industrial Pipe Fitting, LLC. Throughout the years, we’ve acquired a number of companies, chief among these was Performance Pipe’s Fabrication, a division of Chevron/Phillips Petroleum, in 2005. Plasson USA is a full-line manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fluid Network Systems ranging from ½” to 65” nominal pipe sizes with pressure ratings capable of 320 psi at 73°F and lower pressure systems through 120” in diameter. Plasson USA is recognized by Factory Mutual Global (FM Global) as the leading supplier of HDPE fittings and has over 8,000 products approved for fire suppression systems. Plasson USA along with its sister companies under the Plasson Group holdings are global in reach, serving customers throughout the world.