Save time. Save Money. Reline with Spirolite!

Relining with Spirolite HDPE pipe is a revolutionary and innovative solution. Rather than repairing or replacing damaged or failing pipes, relining with Spirolite offers a permanent solution that will extend the life of the failing pipeline for 100+ years. And the best part is you don’t have to excavate the failing pipeline or bypass the existing flow, allowing you to save precious time and money.


Because of Plasson USA’s exclusive and unique manufacturing process, Spirolite pipe walls are both strong and lightweight. Spirolite only uses the highest quality pressure-grade HDPE resin (PE 4710) which offers superior strength, incredible flexibility, and unmatched resistance to corrosion. Our engineered wall profiles maximize the pipe’s strength-to-weight ratio, offering several degrees of ring stiffness per ASTM F894. This also means significant cost savings. Whether it’s under a busy highway, in areas of anticipated soil settlement, or highly corrosive environments, Spirolite is built to offer superior long-lasting performance.


Spirolite joints are designed to excel in a world under pressure. Whether you’re using our tried and true Spirolite pipe with gasketed bell and spigot joints, or our high-performance Spirolite EF which fuses the pipe ends together, you can count on tight, leak-free joints. When relining a deteriorating pipeline, the new liner pipe needs to offer superior flow characteristics since it is always smaller than the original host pipe. With a Manning’s N of .009, Spirolite offers superior flow even with a substantially smaller pipe ID. This makes it the ideal choice when compared to other types of liners. Plus, Spirolite’s hydraulic performance doesn’t change or deteriorate as the pipe ages, as is common in other types of pipe.

Flow Comparison, Spirolite vs. Corrugated Metal (CMP)

Type Spirolite Metal (New) Metal (Old)
Manning's N 0.009 0.012 0.024
Slope (1/1700) 0.01% 0.01% 0.01%
Inner Diameter (in) 120 120 120
Flow Rate (gpm) 107,046.76 80,285.07 40,142.53
Comparison - 75% 38%
Pipe ID for equal flow 120 133.67 173.35


  • Available in sizes from 18” – 120”
  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Leak-free joints
  • Cost-efficient to install
  • Available in custom length


Spirolite is much more rigid than other types of liners. The proper pipe class for a grouted reline application will depend on the specific project details including depth of cover, traffic load, and total length of the pipeline. Grouting pressures need to be taken into consideration to not damage the pipe, and pumping/pouring the grout in lifts is often recommended. Once properly grouted, Spirolite is designed to provide a permanent and leak-free solution that will far outlast the original pipe design.